REALTOR® Serving Tallahassee Wed, 08 Mar 2017 15:00:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 4540 Buttercup Way Wed, 09 Apr 2014 16:37:15 +0000 It’s a “diamond in the rough” with pond frontage on 3.17 acres!!!  This is a handi-man special and a real nature lover’s treat.  Although it’s in the country, there are plenty of friendly neighbors around so it’s not totally isolated.  The home comes with 3 BR and 2 BA, hardwood, tile and carpeted flooring, open beam ceilings, gorgeous staircase, small sun room, loft, builtins, tankless waterheater and more.  The total sq.ft. with the enclosed sunroom is 1,525.  The home has tons of potential and so much aesthetic interest but needs some updating, cleanup and just TLC like the owner gave it.  Vacant and ready for you.

Summer is over! Wed, 28 Sep 2011 16:22:41 +0000 YAY!   It is officially fall although I think it’s hard to tell since it’s still so hot and humid outside.  But with fall comes a renewed energy I feel.  I love this season more than any other time of year.  Of course my birthday is in October as is my daughter’s, Dad’s and countless nieces and nephews.  It’s also my wedding anniversary and my parents’ wedding anniversary.  Plus it’s football season, Halloween and Thanksgiving time.  FUN!

Am still hanging in the real estate business and actually writing a few contracts.  I’m also getting more showings on my listings now.  So this is good!   I would love to have more listings and more business overall so send over the referrals.  I will take good care of them as always!

In 24 days I am meeting my sister in Atlanta and we are flying to Africa to see my daughter, Katie.  It’s an adventure of a life time we think.  Katie has been working with the State Dept. processing refugees and lives mainly in Kenya although she travels to other locales with her job.  Will let you know how the trip goes in another blog.  So, until we return, Happy Fall, ya’ll!!!!

Do we need to paint? Tue, 12 Jul 2011 14:45:12 +0000 A few gallons of paint can go a long way in making a home more chic- and the cost can’t be beat.  “A home’s interior painted in a pale yellow or light green, or beige gives buyers an idea of what they can do with a space.” says Bill Fields, vice president of merchandising for the Lowe’s paint division.  Reserve darker or trendier colors for accent walls or to highlight details such as a fireplace or an arched doorway.  Common color picks for accent walls are dark red, green (not lime green) or a stone gray.  Or instead of introducing a new color, use the paint in the rest of the room as a guide choosing a color that’s three shades darker.


SHINE WITH SHEEN.   Flat or matte finish is difficult to clean and shows scuffs. Increasing the sheen can brighten rooms.  Eggshell or satin bounces light off the walls to make spaces seem larger.  Semi-gloss, higher on the sheen level, is a good option for kitchens and bathrooms since it’s easy to clean.

PAINT THE BASEBOARDS WHITE.  But don’t use stark white which can take on gray tones against some wall colors.  antique white or Navajo white are better options.  If the home has dated stained-wood trim, simply painting it off-white can bring it up to date.


Drawbacks of Overpricing Thu, 23 Jun 2011 17:54:20 +0000 In this market it’s more important than ever to price your home well.  It is definitely NOT the time to test the market.  Some reasons:

1.  It reduces activity.  Agents won’t show the property if they feel it is priced too high.

2.  It lowers advertising response.  Buyer excitement will be with other properties that offer better value.

3.  It causes a loss of interested buyers.   The property will seem inferior in amenities to other properties in the same price range that are correctly priced.

4.  It attracts the wrong prospects.  Serious buyers will feel that they should be getting more for their money.

5.  It eliminates offers.  Since a fair priced offer will be lower than asking price and may insult the seller, many buyers will just move on to another property.

6.  It causes appraisal problems.  Appraisers must base their value on what comparable properties have sold for.

7.  Lastly, it lowers net proceeds.  Most of the time an overpriced property will eventually end up selling for less than if it had been properly priced to begin with, not to mention the extra carrying costs.

So with this in mind, be sure to price your home right on day one!  Happy selling!  And for a free, no obligation market analysis to price your home properly, just give me a call.

Home Values in Tallahassee: Get The Facts Mon, 30 May 2011 17:27:16 +0000 The value of your home is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay in today’s market based on comparing your home to others currently on the market for sale.

Price and exposure are the two factors to getting your home sold in today’s market. 80% of it is how your home is priced, while the remaining 20% of it is effectively exposing your property to buyers and other Realtors.

What is YOUR Property Worth?

FACT #1: What you paid for your home does not affect its value!

FACT #2: The amount of cash you need from the sale of your home does not affect its value!

FACT #3: What you want for your home does not affect its value!

FACT #4: What another real estate agent says your home is worth does not affect its value!

FACT #5: What an appraiser says your home is worth does not affect its value!

I would love to have the opportunity to sit down with you to evaluate and explore the options that you have as a homeowner and how to maximize your exposure in the Tallahassee real estate market.  Give me a call today!

Debbie Gerber: 850-545-8164


What’s The Difference? Pre-qualification vs. Pre-approval Mon, 30 May 2011 17:22:53 +0000 Would you go to the clothing store, spend hours trying on clothes, seeking what you wanted and then later wonder if you had the money to pay for it? I don’t think so. You would know that you had cash or a credit/debit card before you began the clothes-trying-on process. It’s the same thing when buying a home.

What I’ve learned is…

Every buyer is uncomfortable discussing their personal financial situation, and

An offer to buy a home without being pre-approved is a very weak offer.

If you wish to buy a home, you’re going to have to discuss your finances, because no one can buy a home without a financial disclosure.

When first meeting you, I will question you about your financial qualifying, but I won’t delve into it, because I don’t personally need to know your entire income, expense or credit history. But, I do need to be assured that you are taking steps to become financially qualified by a lender to buy a home before we actually go shopping. Which brings me back to the second thing I’ve learned.

Making an offer when you have a commitment letter or pre-approved letter in hand is the same as making a cash offer. Sellers weigh offers based on the buyer’s financial strength to actually complete the transaction. A letter of commitment tells the seller that you can buy the home. This is the best negotiating position you can be in.

Remember, there is a big difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval. When getting pre-approved, you submit information and figures to a loan officer who then calculates for you a specific home loan dollar amount that you should qualify for. Pre-approval means all of this plus the loan officer has confirmed credit history, income verification, as well as assets, liabilities and sources of down payment funds.

How Much Is Your House Really Worth? Mon, 30 May 2011 17:20:02 +0000 Buyers ALWAYS determine value!

If you are like most sellers, this period of time when your home is on the market is inconvenient and stressful. That’s why I am fully committed to providing you with superior service during the sales process.

I believe that the most important ingredient to our successful working relationship will be communication. Consistent, honest and professional feedback from me and my office is my promise to you. Also, there will never be a time, day or night, that you can’t get a hold of us to service your needs.

For all my efforts, I can never “create a buyer.” However, working together with your cooperation, I can effectively find the right buyer for your home. Past performance is no guarantee of future success, but what else can you judge by? That’s why I am confident that I can sell your home and obtain the results you desire.

I want to be YOUR REALTOR. In return, I promise to give you the kind of service you need to get your home sold.

Contact me today for a free Competitive Market Analysis.

5 Tips To Find The Right Mortgage Lender Mon, 30 May 2011 17:16:37 +0000 If you do not have a relationship with a mortgage company, I can be of help to you by recommending lenders who provide excellent service and who I like and trust. You, of course, have no obligation to use any lender that I recommend, but over the years, I have developed very close relationships with lenders who have proved themselves in every aspect and who are extremely reliable and competent. I have learned that it is best to get pre-approval through one of my successful, helpful loan officers first. Once that is completed, you may want to shop loan rates, terms and programs.

Reasons I recommend certain lenders over others are:

Reliability. The loan officer has performed consistently over many years.

Timeliness. In purchasing real estate, time is of the essence in several ways. I want to use a lender who is able to produce and complete loan documents in a timely fashion and meet all crucial deadlines.

Competitive Rates. I know of certain lenders who will consistently quote the most competitive rates and match competing loan products.

Service. I only use lenders who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to provide my clients with the highest level of personal service.